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Yacht Mattress

Do you miss your bed at home when you’re out on the water? After a long day of sailing, fishing, or exploring the wilderness, we’d all look forward to a good night’s rest! Unfortunately, the standard mattresses that come with most recreational vehicles aren’t always the most comfortable or durable under those conditions.
Heveya® offers custom mattresses for your boat, made of our signature natural organic latex foam. We handcraft them to meet your needs – they can be made to fit perfectly into any space, and come in a range of firmness levels for your comfort. And, importantly, quality and durability are a must; our mattresses are made to last.

Best material for custom yacht mattress

Latex foam is the ideal material for the marine environment because it is mildew proof, offers good ventilation, bends easily and most importantly is extremely comfortable and supportive at the same time. Latex mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. Due to its natural elasticity, a latex mattress can conform to the curves of your body while providing the right support for the optimal rest and relaxation. Besides being comfortable, latex mattresses are also breathable, anti dust mite and mould resistant; therefore, latex is an excellent material for a yacht mattresses that are always exposed to high humidity at sea.
At Heveya®, the Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress is our most popular range for both home and marine mattresses. It’s not just natural, but also organic as no chemical fertilizer and pesticides are used on the rubber plantation. Therefore, you can rest assured that the mattress is also free from off-gassing and harmful chemicals.

Taking accurate measurements

With latex mattresses, customisation to any size is possible. Latex foam is very flexible and can be cut into different shapes as requested. Simply follow these instructions to take accurate measurements of your boat mattress:
  1. If you are replacing an existing mattress, you should measure the mattress, not the space it occupies, to get an exact fit.
  2. If you are measuring the base, you need to measure the space inside where the mattress will rest. Remember to allow a few centimeters extra to tuck in sheets and blankets.
  3. If you have height restrictions, measure from the base of the mattress to the highest point vertically you would want the mattress to reach.
  4. If your mattress is not rectangular, you can trace the shape on a paper and we will follow the paper template to make the mattress cut-out. If you are unsure about taking measurements, give us a call and we can go to your boat and take the measurements for you.
  5. Finally, choose your comfort level: Firm, Medium and Soft. Simply try the mattresses at our showroom and make your choice.
  • Sometimes a mattress needs to be split into half to get through the access door. If necessary, we can zip-join the two together.
  • If you have storage space under the bed, we can also customise a foldable mattress that is quilted at the top that covers the split in the foam beneath.
Foldable mattress

Not just an ordinary pillow

Besides the mattress, don’t forget that the pillow also plays an important role for that good night’s sleep. A latex pillow will give you the right head and neck support for many nights to come. What’s more, they are breathable and also naturally mould and dust-mite resistant. That’s why natural latex is the perfect material to sleep-on in a humid environment like in a yacht.