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Heveya® Teak Bench

Rp 12,500,000.00
Heveya teak bed accessories features
  • Unvarnished grade A-teakwood
  • FSC-certified and Verified Legal Teakwood
  • Crafted with Japanese carpentry without screws and glues

Our service includes free assembly of the teak bench.

Heveya teak accessories features
Why Teak Wood
Heveya® Teak Bench provides the highest quality of durability and resilience, due to its dense coarse structure. Crafted from kiln-dried Grade-A teak, the frame will last for years and is excellent for humid as well as cold climates.
The natural oils of teakwood act as a protectant from dry rot, termites, as well as a coating to give your frame a natural polished look year-round. No extra care is needed, unlike other hard and softwoods.
Sustainably Sourced
Made from teakwood responsibly sourced through socially beneficial forestry by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and certified with Indonesia’s Verified Legal Teak Wood. These certifications ensure the forest is grown ethically and sustainably.
Timeless Design
Every grain, colour and knot of this natural hardwood gives unique beauty and character to each piece. Combined with the technique of Japanese carpentry, wood pieces join smoothly without the need for glue and minimal use of screws. Handcrafted with attention to detail for a timeless and natural design in mind; it will charm any bedroom by bringing nature indoors.

Heveya® Teak Bench

Rp 12,500,000.00