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Heveya® Vegan Cotton Towel

Rp 250,000.00

Looking to upgrade your classic towels? Made in Portugal with care - these 100% plant-based towels are a luxuriously sustainable blend of functionality and style! The loose-textured honeycomb pocket design offers a three-dimensional texture that allows superior absorbency by providing more surface to the towel - making it incredibly breathable, lightweight and fast-drying!

Featuring a neutral palette to add a premium touch to your bathroom interior - all while being incredibly sustainable and practical! Our towels come in 4 different sizes for all your bathroom needs.
  • Made in Portugal.
  • 100% Non-cruelty & Vegan Cotton
  • Light-weight & Quick-dry
  • Available in the following sizes :
    • Bath Sheet 160x90 cm,
    • Bath Towel 140x80 cm,
    • Hand Towel 70x40 cm,
    • Face Towel 30x30 cm.
  • Available Colors: White, Natural, Silver, Stone

*For pricing in different sizes, please use the dropdown to select your preferred size.



Non-cruelty & Vegan Cotton

During the production and manufacturing process of conventional bathroom accessories in the textile industry, the use of animal by-products is not uncommon. Our aim at Heveya® was to develop 100% plant-based bathroom essentials that would be the perfect addition to our sustainable-yet-luxurious product range - ultimately delivering both comfort and functionality!

V-label certified. This certification ensures that no components of animal origin are used in the production and manufacturing process of our vegan cotton bathroom essentials - from the actual collection of the cotton to the dyes used, all processes are free of any animal use.

Quick-dry & Breathable

Our towels feature a loose-textured honeycomb design offering a three-dimensional texture that gives more surface area to the towel; very similar to waffle towels! This helps draw moisture off the surface into the base layer and allows air to flow through. With their honeycomb weave, they tend to dry just within 1-2 hours, at least 40% quicker in comparison to traditional terry towels.

We have all owned a traditional terry towel at one point in our lives - without even knowing! A terry towel is your regular plush towel with uncut loops made to quickly absorb moisture and dry your skin. While terry towels get the job done; help keep you nice & dry - they often tend to remain damp even after hours of hanging and just don’t release moisture quite as well!

Lightweight & Practical

If you have been on the hunt for luxury towels that are durable yet practical, it is recommended to look out for the weight of these towels before purchasing! A towel is considered lightweight anywhere below 400 GSM; anything above this would be considered heavyweight. We kept the design of our towels lightweight due to the very reason that heavier towels tend to take much longer to completely dry and retain odour.

If you’ve ever taken a shower in a small bathroom, you must be familiar with the unpleasant feeling of a towel that is still damp the next morning due to poor ventilation (not to mention that musty smell that comes along!).

Besides, due to the lightweight and flat-weave structure of our towels, they take way less storage space than their bulky counterparts; an added bonus to avoid clutter and keep things organized! We have incorporated luxury and functionality in the design of our bathroom essentials; creating the best towels that add a tailored look to any bathroom interior, no matter how big or small.


Materials & Certifications

100% Vegan Cotton

  • V-Label GmbH-certified
  • Oeko-tex, standard 100, which ensures textiles products with no risk for your health.
  • ISO 14001: preserving natural resources and minimizing waste is a part of our day-to-day business.
  • ISO 9001: the highest global standard recognized. We check everything, from raw materials to manufacturing processes and client services






    Face Towel 30x30 cm

    Heveya® Vegan Cotton Towel

    Rp 250,000.00