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Heveya® Bamboo Sheets - A Green & Comfortable Choice For Your Home

Are you looking for the most natural bedding products for your home? Or just looking for the perfect oleh-oleh for your friends and family? At Heveya® Bali, every product is of high quality and has strong sustainability values. Our Heveya® Bamboo Lyocell Sheets, in particular, are very popular and we’ll tell you why.

Bamboo lyocell

1. Bamboo is the Perfect Green Solution

We know that there are many ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ materials in the world but there is nothing similar like bamboo. Unlike cotton, bamboo's sustainability values start from the very beginning of its life. Bamboo is a grass and it is self-sustainable. It requires little maintenance to farm as it doesn’t need any insecticides, pesticides or fertilisers. It grows very fast despite needing very little water. Bamboo plantations also reduce pollution by absorbing as much as 12kg of carbon dioxide in the air per 10 sqm per year and delivering more oxygen compared to others.

2. Non-toxic Closed-Loop System

The process of creating bamboo lyocell is more sustainable than other fiber making processes. Raw bamboo pulp is dissolved using a non-toxic solvent, producing non-hazardous chemicals. The solution used to make bamboo fibres out of the bamboo pulp is also recaptured and reused. With this technique, 99% of the solvent and water used is recovered and reused for the next batch of the manufacturing process to significantly reduce water consumption. Heveya® Bali chooses only to work with manufacturers with a similar sustainable mindset. Only bamboo from manufacturer that is WRAP-certified, providing an ethical working place for their workers. This way, you can relax and sleep comfortably, knowing you’ve made the right sustainable choice.

3. Suitable for Tropical Weather Conditions

Indonesia's tropical climate, especially the warm and humid weather in Bali, can really affect your sleep. There are many kinds of bedding materials to choose from and sleeping on the wrong one can lead to warm and uncomfortable nights. Therefore, it is best to choose sheets made of natural materials like bamboo as they have excellent breathability and moisture regulating quality. They absorb sweat easier compared to cotton and release it back to the air faster, keeping your body at a comfortable sleeping temperature. What’s more? It has that naturally soft and cooling sensation that is especially beneficial for those who sleep hot.


4. Easy Maintenance

A common misconception about bamboo sheets is that they require a lot of care. Although bamboo lyocell sheets are really soft and have a luxurious shine to them like silk fabrics, bamboo sheets actually require much less maintenance (and cost much less too). To increase the longevity of your Heveya® Bamboo Sheets, follow the information on our wash labels. We recommend a cold-wash on a gentle cycle without any bleach or softeners (safer for the planet!). Afterwards, simply hang to dry and no ironing is required; the wrinkles will disappear after one night’s sleep.


If you are looking for the best bed sheets in Indonesia, Heveya® Bali is your go to place. Made with 100% organic bamboo lyocell, Heveya® sheets have that luxuriously soft feeling, hypoallergenic properties and of course breathability that is suitable for Indonesia’s weather all year round. Not to mention, they’re an excellent eco-friendly choice as well, so you’ve got a clear conscience to enjoy a great night’s sleep on your new sheets! Make sure to check out the collection here.

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