• Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
  • Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow

Natural & Sustainable


Highly Breathable

Natural & Sustainable


Highly Breathable

Latex pillows Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow

Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow

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Rp 700.000
A tiny version of the adult sized Heveya® Contour Pillow for mini-you! This ergonomic pillow is designed to fill the curve of your toddler's head and neck perfectly, so that they have proper support all night long.
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Complete your bedroom
Heveya® Junior Bamboo Pillowcase
Cover your toddler's new pillow with a natural and breathable pillowcase for a cooler sleep.
Rp 400.000
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  • Baby Donut
  • Contour
  • Flat
Main Features
  • Ergonomic contoured shape
  • Pillow dimension: 44 x 27 X 6/6 cm
  • Firmness level: Soft
  • Resilient and long lasting support
  • Breathable material for a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria and mould
  • Removable bamboo cover for easy cleaning.
  • Recommended for kids aged 1-8.
Materials & Certifications

The core of this Heveya® Junior pillow is made of 100% natural organic latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation. The pillow cover is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre textiles, making it soft and luxurious.

Our pillows are made of high quality premium materials. They have been rigourously tested and achieved the following international certifications.

The Global Organic Latex Standard
Eurolatex Eco Standard
Oeko-Tex Standard 100


In line with hygienic practices, all pillows once sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Give your little ones a healthy start with the best all-natural pillow that Mother Nature can give!

Natural materials for healthier, restful sleep

Heveya® Junior pillows are solely made of GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam, harvested from organic and sustainable rubber trees, nothing else. That means no pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues that may put your baby's health in harm's way.

Learn more about pillow materials

Proper Support And Comfort

Organic latex is an eco-conscious, highly durable material that is well-known for providing the right balance between comfort and support.

As adult pillows are too high for your toddler's little head, the toddler contour pillow is specially designed to ensure that comfortability is optimised for them. Our ergonomic junior pillows provide excellent support for your child's head and neck.


Did you know Heveya® makes the best reusable tote bags?

All your favourite Heveya® accessories are consciously packaged and shipped, using only 100% recyclable packaging materials. Help us cut down on waste by reusing and repurposing our packaging. Give your Heveya® packaging a second life!

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives

Common questions

Why can't a toddler use an adult pillow?

An adult pillow is generally too high for toddlers. Sleeping on them can introduce early posture problems to your children.
Heveya® toddler pillows are specially designed to ensure that comfortability is optimised for your toddler.
Our toddler pillows are thinner than adult pillows and come in soft density. They are suitable for kids age 1 to 8 years old.

Why are there two different heights for the Heveya® toddler contour Latex pillow?

The lower height found on the Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow is designed for your little one's back sleeping, while the higher height is suitable for side sleeping. Each height ensures optimal spine alignment throughout the night depending on the preferrered sleep position.

Is the Heveya® toddler contour latex pillow the most suitable for toddler tummy sleepers?

While the Heveya® toddler contour latex pillow is a suitable option for tummy sleepers due to its low height; our Heveya® Toddler Flat Latex Pillow is the best option due to its singular, uniformed height.

What is your return policy?

Our latex pillows are excluded from our return policy due to hygiene reasons.


Do you need to upgrade your baby's bed to a bigger bed?

Heveya® Organic Latex Mattress I is an ideal choice for a children's bed or trundle beds. If your child's bed comes in a non-standard bed size, we can also customise the mattress to fit your child's bed frame!

Rp 700.000
Heveya® Toddler Contour Latex Pillow
Rp 700.000
Size Guide
Baby Cot Mattress
Baby Cot Mattress

70cm x 140cm x 10cm

60cm x 120cm x 10cm


Baby Donut

30cm x 25cm x 5cm

Toddler Contour

44cm x 27cm x 6cm

Toddler Flat

50cm x 30cm x 5cm

Baby Cot Fitted Sheets
Baby Cot Fitted Sheets

120cm x 60cm

140cm x 70cm


Flat Toddler Pillowcase

55cm x 36cm

Contour Toddler Pillowcase

48cm x 33cm

Baby Donut Pillowcase

35cm x 30cm

Heveya® Organic Latex Mattress
Memory Foam Mattress
Hybrid Mattress
Polyurethane Foam
(Mattress in a Box)
Natural Resource

> 15 years

10 - 15 years

6 - 7 years

< 6 years

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Hygiene (removable cover)
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