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Post-sales Service


We are committed to delivering the best sleeping products to all of our customers. We offer a 100-day trial for all of our mattresses. During this trial period, should you discover that the mattress you purchased online is too firm or too soft, you can request a change of the mattress core free-of-charge. We want to make sure you get the right feel for your new mattress.

However, if the second mattress core is still not right for you, we can change the feel of the core again, but we will then charge a nominal fee to cover our transport costs. The timing of the exchange depends on the availability of the cores. This 100-day trial does not apply to customized mattresses and does not include the ergonomic slatted bed bases nor bedding accessories.

In the unlikely event we cannot find the right solution, we will collect back the mattress and a refund of your purchase price will be given. Do note that transport costs, credit card costs and the cost of the return trip will be deducted from the purchased amount. To be entitled to an exchange or refund, the mattress must not be found dirty, marked, damaged or abused when inspected by the Heveya® staff. After the inspection, a bank transfer will be processed.


For Bali region, all purchases will be delivered free-of-charge.
Outside Bali, there will be a delivery charge of USD 75 per trip for mattresses and toppers and USD 15 for pillows and sheets.
For purchases online, we will contact you during working hours to arrange for delivery timing.


All payments are processed securely online via PayPal. Payment can be made either using your PayPal account or credit cards.


1. All products bought from Heveya® are covered by a guarantee subject to points 2 to 5. This comes into effect from the date of purchase, and applies only to material and manufacturing defects. We reserve the right to either repair or replace the faulty product.

2. Heveya® guarantees that its mattresses comply with the European Eco-label Standard for latex mattresses as described by the European Commission 2009/598/EC of 9 July 2009. This standard determines that a mattress core should not lose more than 15% height and not more than 20% of its firmness, measured according to test method EN1957. This test measures the difference in height between the measurements made initially (at 100 cycles) and after the completion (30,000 cycles) of the durability test.

3. For the first year after the purchase date, we grant a full guarantee on all Heveya® products. During this period, we will repair or replace all damages that can be traced back to material or manufacturing defects free of charge.
From the second year onwards, the warranty is applicable according to the schedule below. (The age of the mattress will be determined by the date of the purchasing invoice)
1st to 3rd year: 70% discount on new mattress purchase
3rd to 5th year: 40% discount on new mattress purchase
5th to 8th year: 20% discount on new mattress purchase
8th to 10th year: 10% discount on new mattress purchase

4. The buyer shall bear the costs for transport to bring back the mattress to Heveya®. Guarantee services rendered by us shall not interrupt the running guarantee period, nor do they start a new warranty period.

5. The following cases are not covered by our warranty:
- Faults that result from improper treatment (use of force, overloading, alterations by the customer).
- Faults resulting from normal wear and tear.
* Including mattress covers, handles and other upholstery.

Claims under guarantee must be accompanied by the original warranty card issued to you and the original sales receipt.


Airing of the bedroom
Regular airing of the bedroom will guarantee a healthy and pleasant environment for yourself and your mattress. High humidity in combination with inadequate ventilation (for example, in the case of closed wardrobe beds) can lead to damp stains (mildew). Damage due to damp stains is excluded from the guarantee.

Airing of the mattress
The fabric of the Heveya® mattresses is composed of soft, natural materials, which must be aired. If you cover it with a counterpane, make sure that the latter is permeable to air and moisture.
As with all new things, Heveya® mattresses have a specific intrinsic smell. If the mattress is aired, this will disappear within a few days, and is absolutely harmless.

Turn the mattress regularly. We recommend that you turn your mattress every 6 months. This way, the material can recuperate more easily, and the sleeping comfort will be retained for an even longer time.

Form and volume
The core and the upholstery of Heveya® mattresses consist of soft materials and can change slightly in width, length and height during storage, transportation and use. This will impair neither the sleeping comfort nor the quality, and is no ground for a claim under the guarantee.

All the covers of Heveya® mattresses can be dry cleaned. Please follow the textile instructions at all times (see label). We will accept no guarantee liability for incorrect washing/cleaning. We recommend you to clean your mattress cover once a year.

UV light
Never expose your uncovered latex core to UV light - daylight or sunlight - as it increases the aging of your mattress dramatically.  Mattresses exposed to UV light do not fall under guarantee.