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Designed with sustainability in mind

"Heveya® originated in a response to demands for comfortable mattresses made of natural materials and produced in an environmentally friendly way."

To fulfill that demand, Heveya® made a mattress entirely out of natural latex which is made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis (hence the name Heveya®). 

With our passion for environmental care, we go beyond and look for latex from a plantation which was organically certified. Our supplier is also carbon neutral certified and has the Fair Choice certificate, which gives us peace of mind about the whole production process and the mattress our clients sleep on every night!

Heveya® Plantation

The Heveya plantation is the world’s first organic certified latex plantation. To obtain this status, our plantation needed to be fertilized for 4 years with only 100% organic fertilizers. That is the time required for the soil to be completely chemical free, so that no traces of chemicals are detectable in the latex milk. Therefore, you are assured that Heveya latex mattresses themselves also contain no traces of toxic chemical fertilizers.The use of organic fertilizers on our plantations also creates much-needed jobs in the area.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Just one queen size mattress requires 12 acres of rubber plantations to be tapped (which does not harm the trees). This number of trees absorbs a huge 143 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air every year, and provides employment for 8 rubber tappers. 

Did you know that each of us produces about 24 tons of CO2 per year, by driving, using energy at home or buying oil based products, thereby contributing to global warming? One way of reducing our carbon footprint is by planting trees. Trees absorb CO2 from the air. Some trees absorb more than others.

Hevea Brasiliensis, the tree which produces natural latex, is among the most ecological trees in the world. A single Hevea tree absorbs about 1.8 tons of CO2  in its lifetime, similar to a rainforest tree. Globally, all rubber plantations together offset 90 million tons of CO2  per year, a true blessing for our planet.

Hevea trees provide latex milk their whole life and are not damaged in the process. At the end of their life-cycle, they serve as a perfect alternative for tropical hardwood in furniture, hence preventing cutting of tropical rainforest trees.

Heveya® Gives Back

Heveya® works together with the Sumba Hospitality Foundation to help the Eastern Indonesian Island of Sumba to grow as a sustainable tourism development. It involves the local people, protects the environment and showcases the natural beauty of the island. The SHF has a full boarding permaculture school and a green hotel school for underprivileged Sumbanese youth. It provides students with a vocational education, focusing on practical skills in a nurturing environment, while also raising awareness of their cultural identity.

Watch SHF helping the community

Healing our planet, One tree at a time

Heveya® pledges to plant 12,000 trees yearly in Borneo, one of the world’s most magnificent rainforests. Together with Replant and their indigenous partners, we are restoring nature, supporting children’s education and providing job opportunities for the local communities.

We are on a mission to build a sustainable world for generations to come; Social responsibility is a crucial part of our business and we take it upon ourselves to give back to our environment and our society.

Heveya®’s reforestation efforts include an array of over 20 native and endemic tree species. Each tree planted provides nutrients for the soil, stops erosion and absorbs about 48lbs (on avg.) of CO2 per year and regulates global temperature through evapotranspiration, ultimately tackling global warming.

Pure & Natural, no compromises

Experience Heveya® In Your Bedroom

The bed you sleep in is more than a place to rest. It creates an environment that eases you into deep, peaceful slumber. Heveya® can contribute to this with a truly comfortable and green mattress.

Choosing to sleep on a chemical free mattress is a wise decision. You get to enjoy long-term, life-enhancing health benefits, and you're doing your part to help the environment too.