Healing our planet, One tree at a time

Heveya® pledges to plant 12,000 trees to restore world’s forests. Together with you and Replant World, we are restoring nature, supporting children’s education and providing job opportunities for the local communities.

Why planting trees can save the world

Did you know that 1 tree absorbs on average 1000 kg of CO2 throughout its lifetime. This is equivalent to approximately 1400 km or 150 daily trips by car.

Our forests purify the air we breathe, reduce ozone levels and erosion, stabilise air temperatures and are home to millions of species for food and shelter. They are a vital part of our lives. Yet globally, we are allowing over 10 million hectares of rainforests to disappear every year. At this pace, they may completely vanish in the next 100 years!

“Our future generations deserve a healthy planet and we must restore what we have taken away!”

Our climate is changing fast, with unprecedented wildfires & flooding occurring all over the world. To be a part of the solution Heveya® has partnered with to plant trees across the globe and restore the precious biodiversity that protects life on earth.

The most valuable guardians

The Dayak indigenous people play a key role in the maintenance, preservation and conservation of the rich biodiversity of Borneo, one of the most magnificent rainforests in the world. They have been managing the rainforests in sustainable ways for centuries, passing their valuable knowledge and measures of conservation from one generation to another.

Due to their dependence on the forests for food and shelter, they have developed deep-rooted respect and need to protect their land, which makes them the best people to help with reforestation. We need our indigenous communities and they must be protected!

With your continuous support, we are able to plant trees that provide valuable resources and jobs for these local communities that help build resilience against extractive industries & damaging development, ultimately creating a sustainable ecosystem between nature and its people.

Wake-up to a Greener Planet Program

Our future depends on our forests. As a customer, you are directly contributing to Heveya's reforestation efforts, creating a positive impact on global forests and communities. Supporting us through purchases not only enables tree planting but also grants you ownership of a tree in the form of a token. Each purchase allows you to receive up to 20 trees in your name. For maximum transparency and impact, uses an innovative tool to capture, verify, and digitize each tree, enabling you to track them worldwide.

To restore forests, we need to get everyone involved. Give away your tree tokens to friends or family and we will give you up to 5 additional trees.


"Reducing our environmental impact is at the forefront of what we do."

Stefan Magnus, Founder

Conservation of natural resources

Our commitment to conserving natural resources involves close collaboration with our suppliers, ensuring that materials are sustainably sourced. We aim to provide customers not only with quality products but also those that positively contribute to the environment. Using natural elements like latex, bamboo, cotton, linen, and teak wood offers benefits to the Earth throughout their entire lifecycle.

The natural latex used in our mattresses comes from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, one of the most ecological trees globally, neutralizing over 90 million tons of CO2 annually. These trees clean the air, prevent erosion and at the end of their life-cycle, they can serve as a perfect alternative for tropical hardwood in furniture, ultimately preventing the cutting of tropical rainforest trees.

Soil conservation

Being a surface feeder, rubber trees afford good soil binding and erodibility of soil is considerably reduced. The thick canopy helps to cut down direct radiation and intercepts rain.

Water conservation

Bamboo shoots store water in their hollow spaces. They release water in the dry season and thus decreases the possibility of drought.

Reducing and preventing pollution

Our mattresses are made of pure natural latex rubber foam - free of pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues that may put your health and the earth in harm's way. We source natural materials that cause minimal harm to the earth. Organic natural latex, organic cotton, and bamboo plants don’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Therefore the soil is not polluted and the farmers don’t deal with harmful chemicals. We actively collaborate with our suppliers to uphold these standards

Latex Mattress Production

For our latex mattresses, wastewater recycling is implemented throughout the production process. Our supplier has invested in wastewater recycling technology, purifying the wastewater intensively for subsequent reuse.

Bamboo Sheets Production

Our bamboo sheets are made from bamboo lyocell, a wood-based fiber manufactured through modern methods which require less energy and using a closed-loop process, reducing water consumption and waste.

Made to last for years to come

The mattress landfill crisis is a huge environmental concern that is often neglected. Most traditional polyurethane foam mattresses are made to be replaced every 5-7 years. Once disposed, these mattresses can take up to 1000 years to completely be decompose.

Heveya® embraces the circularity model. We emphasizes the importance of selecting products that are built to last, have a longer lifecycle, and can be recycled or reused. This longevity reduces the frequency of replacements, minimizing the overall demand for raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Recyclability of Heveya® mattresses

To complete the circle, we've established a take-back program for preloved Heveya® mattresses. At the end of your mattress' lifespan, we offer free pickup services, delivering the mattresses back to our supplier, where they are expertly broken down. The latex is then shredded and repurposed in the creation of rebonded latex (eg: soundproofing board, wall insulation), extending their lifespan and minimizing our waste.

Additionally we welcome any clean bed sheets donations here at Heveya®, which then are collected and recycled by our partners at Greensquare - they provide free textile recycling services all around Singapore with a mission to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. The donated sheets are either upcycled for new textile projects or making their way in homes of people in need!

Change starts from within

Beyond our commitment to working with like-minded suppliers and organizations, we prioritize sustainable practices within our company on a daily basis. We use green electricity sources at our workplace – our people are also encouraged to form eco-friendly practices such as fresh indoor planting, printing on recycled or FSC labeled paper, switching to public transportation – and the list goes on!

These sustainability initiatives are not just casual gestures; they are ingrained in our company culture, documented in our employee handbook, and subject to annual policy reviews to ensure continuous improvement.

More about our efforts

Heveya®'s commitment to support a sustainable economy needs to reflect throughout our production and supplier practices.

Sustainability Initiatives

The future of humanity now depends on us. Our environment is an exhaustible resource that must be preserved and it is our responsibility to leave our future generations with a healthy planet. As a socially conscious business, we take it upon ourselves to contribute to sustainable environmental practices that help minimize pollution and conserve resources like water and energy.