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Real Stories, Real Comfort: Discover the Heveya® Difference Through Our Customers' Eyes

Dive into our collection of testimonials and let the genuine experiences of our customers guide you to a decision that promises not just a product, but a lifestyle change towards better sleep, health, and environmental stewardship with Heveya®.


Join Marcia as she embarks on the journey to find the perfect mattress tailored for the climates in Bali and Jakarta, where the weather can often be humid. In her quest, Marcia and her husband discovered the exceptional benefits of the Heveya® Organic Latex Mattress.

Not only is it breathable, providing comfort in the tropical heat, but its easy maintenance makes it an ideal choice for the challenging climate. Dive into Marcia's experience and learn how the Heveya® Organic Latex Mattress became the key to a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

Alex Tsuk

Join Alex Tsuk in his journey to make a tangible positive impact in Bali through breathwork. By using breathwork as a tool, Alex aims use it as a tool to get control of ones thoughts, heart, emotions, feelings and sensations.

In this video, join Alex as he shares his insights and experiences with breathwork along the way. When it comes to choosing the best mattress, Alex turned to Heveya® for its eco-friendly materials and luxurious comfort.


Special thanks to the homeowner of Villa Coconut for graciously allowing us to tour their lovely villa. We explore a unique living space inspired by a boho beach vibe. Adding a pop of green to neutral and sand tones brings in the Balinese jungle. One of Leah's main focuses was to ensure the comfort of the Coconut Suite. And that begins with the mattress. This mattress is to die for.

The best part is definitely the mattresses. Villa Coconut made it a top priority to provide comfortable mattresses for everyone. And that's what led Leah to Heveya mattresses.

Philip Dickenson

Philip Dickenson from Replant World recounts his transformation from owning the worst mattress to experiencing unparalleled comfort with a Heveya® mattress. In the video, he shares how the Heveya® mattress has significantly improved his sleep quality, making it so comfortable that getting out of bed has become a daily challenge. Philip describes the mattress as a game-changer, often leading him to hit the snooze button because he never wants to leave his bed.

But it's not just about the comfort; Philip also delves into his understanding of Heveya®'s commitment to sustainability. He'll talk about their eco-friendly materials and how their practices align with the shared goal of Replant World to make the world a greener place.

Heveya® pledges to plant 12,000 trees to restore world’s forests. Together with you and Replant World, we are restoring nature, supporting children’s education and providing job opportunities for the local communities.

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