• Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
  • Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress

Natural & Sustainable


Highly Breathable

Natural & Sustainable


Highly Breathable

Latex Mattress Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress

Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress

Rp 6.000.000
Create a naturally safe and non-toxic environment for your little one! Made with 100% natural organic latex, designed for parents in search for the best non-toxic crib mattress that is free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues. Available in standard and custom shapes and sizes.
Latex Mattress

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70x140x10 cm
  • 70x140x10 cm
  • 60x120x10 cm
Latex Mattress

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  • Medium-Firm

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Main Features
  • Comprising of a layer of latex core.
  • Resilient and long lasting support.
  • Breathable material and excellent moisture regulation.
  • Designed with ventilation holes, reducing the risk of suffocation for babies.
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria and mould.
  • Removable mattress cover for easy cleaning.
  • Firmness level: Medium-Firm
  • Mattress size: 70cm x 140cm x 10cm and 60cm x 120cm x 10cm.
  • Custom sizes and shapes possible.
  • Our service includes a free delivery.
Materials & Certifications

The core of our Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress is made of 100% natural latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation. The mattress cover is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre textiles, making it soft and luxurious.

Our mattresses are made of high-quality premium materials and have achieved international certificates through our suppliers.

Give your little ones a healthy start with the best all-natural mattress that Mother Nature can give!

Natural materials for healthier, restful sleep

Babies spend at least 15 hours per day on their crib mattress. As caregivers, it is only natural for us to make sure they're resting well in a safe and non-toxic environment.

Our commitment to quality and the environment ensures that all our mattresses are made solely from pure natural latex, harvested naturally from the sap of the rubber tree, devoid of any synthetic or blended materials. We take pride in collaborating with organic or FSC certified suppliers and in pioneering cooperations with agro-forestry plantations, raising the bar for sustainable rubber farming. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with metal-free construction, safeguarding your baby from electromagnetic radiation. You can rest assured that your baby is safe and sound on their bed!

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The support system for your little one

Available in medium-firm density, Heveya® junior latex mattress provides just the right amount of firmness to support your little one's spinal development. Known for it's natural elasticity and resilience, this natural latex mattress does not evelop to the shape of your child's head and bounces right back up, eliminating the risk of suffocation.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Heveya® latex has an open cell structure that allows air circulation which far exceeds synthetic, blended, or petroleum-based polyurethane foams. Our latex cores also feature ventilation holes which do wonders for a cooler and comfortable night's sleep. Most importantly, this also reduces the risk of suffocation among babies.

Organic latex is naturally mould and dust mite resistant without any added chemicals, reducing the chances of babies getting allergies in early childhood. Moreover, Heveya® Junior mattresses come with soft bamboo covers that can be unzipped for easy cleaning, so you can let your little ones sleep in a hygienic environment.

Unsurpassed Quality

Our natural latex baby cot mattress cores has passed international standards for durability, elasticity and carry no harmful substances that pose any risk to your child or to the environment. No pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs or glues are used in the process. Moreover, with no metal springs, these baby cot mattresses are also safe from the electromagnetic radiation amplification effect. Our Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification shares the same class as baby toys!

For the little ones

Baby cots, playpens, and bassinets are often sold with PU foam mattresses that are not necessarily healthy to sleep on. Unfortunately, replacing them may be difficult as they may also come in non-standard sizes and shapes. 

Need to replace an odd size or oval shaped baby cot mattress? No worries, we can do that for you! Heveya® strives to create a naturally safe and non-toxic environment for your little one.


The Perfect Choice

The reason why I chose Heveya Baby Cot Mattress because it is made of the same organic latex as the Heveya® mattress that I sleep on which I absolutely love. It is the perfect choice because it is naturally mould & dust-mite resistant, breathable, free of chemicals and allergens. It gives me great comfort knowing that my child is set out to sleep well at night and with her well-being in mind. - Anabel Chew

Common questions

Do you offer customisation of mattresses?

Yes, we do! With latex mattresses, customisation to any size is possible. Latex foam is very flexible and can be cut into different shapes as requested. Contact us for more details and to request a quotation on the special size you need. We would be happy to assist!

How do I clean the baby cot mattress?

Heveya® baby cot mattresses come with a removable bamboo cover that can be washed easily in cold water temperature.
In the event that stains went into the latex core, simply dab with wet cloth and mild detergent, then let the latex ventilate to dry. Do not expose the latex core to direct sunlight! UV rays can cause the latex to deteriorate across time!

Is latex hot to sleep on?

There is a common misconception that sleeping on a latex mattress feels hot. This issue probably arises because so many people confuse latex with memory foam. One should not feel warm while sleeping on a latex mattress compared to other foam mattresses.

Owing to its open-cell foam structure, a latex mattress actually allows air to circulate much better than many other types of mattresses, allowing for a cool comfortable sleep. In addition, a latex mattress is punctuated by pinholes set at regular intervals, offering even further airflow.

How do I know if your baby cot mattress can provide good support for my baby?

Heveya® baby cot mattresses come in medium-firm density. It is firm enough to reduce the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Due to latex's natural elasticity, the mattress provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for your baby's skeletal development.

What is your return policy?

Our baby cot mattresses are excluded from our return policy due to hygiene reasons.


Have you considered our baby donut pillow?

Our baby donut pillows are made for infants, featuring the concave center design that prevents “flat head syndrome".

Rp 6.000.000
Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress
70x140x10 cm, Medium-Firm
Rp 6.000.000
Size Guide
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Baby Cot Mattress

70cm x 140cm x 10cm

60cm x 120cm x 10cm


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