The joy of giving back

At Heveya®, our commitment to social impact and the joy of giving back are the heartbeats of our brand. With your continued support, we’re not only giving back to nature but also creating educational and employment opportunities for underprivileged communities.

Help for Sumba 2023

We sponsor the local Sumbanese community to study in Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF), an organization which has a mission to help the eastern Indonesian island of Sumba to grow as a sustainable tourism development, which involves the local people, protects the environment and showcases the natural beauty of the island.

The SHF has a full boarding permaculture school and a green hotel school for underprivileged Sumbanese youth. It provides students with a vocational education, focusing on practical skills in a nurturing environment, while also raising awareness of their cultural identity.

The gift of education

Our sponsored students are provided with vocational training where they are not only offered the opportunity to finish their one-year program at the SHF hotel school, but are also accompanied with an internship at internationally recognized five-star hotels and restaurants to kick-start their career paths.

98% of the graduated students are employed after their training with SHF!

During their time at the hotel school, they are nurtured with personal development and enhanced skills in Tourism, Hospitality, English, Environmental awareness and Permaculture farming.

Culture of Sustainability

With long-term sustainability in mind, local students are taught the importance of environmental conservation through the introduction of new organic farming methods. Agriculture management is encouraged through education as these farms are a vital source of income for the Sumba community that help provide fresh produce for restaurants and hotels in the area.

With values similar to Heveya®, SHF also emphasizes the importance of environmental wellness among tourists and local communities. They have implemented a number of strategies to increase awareness, some including the use of solar energy to power their whole campus and locally sourced sustainable building materials.

“With utmost dedication to make an ever-lasting impact on the lives of ones that need us most.”

Stefan Magnus, Founder

Heveya® stands with Borneo

The rainforests of Borneo are home to millions of Dayak indigenous people who depend on them for survival; food, water, shelter, medicine and the list goes on! They have been managing the rainforests of Borneo in sustainable ways for centuries, passing their valuable knowledge of conservation from one generation to another.

However, due to logging and the expansion of industrial agriculture, their practices are being eroded day by day – their rich culture, beliefs and identities are at the brinks of extinction.

We must come together to recognize that with their indigenous knowledge, they hold the key to solving most environmental concerns. Heveya® is working with Replant World to help protect and nurture the Dayak community by restoring the damaged rainforests of Borneo and providing employment and educational resources.

Planting 12,000 trees

These trees provide valuable resources such as medicine and food as well jobs for the locals that help build resilience against extractive industries & damaging development.

Conservation Education

Funding local indigenous schools to achieve sustainable development by providing high-quality educational materials that instill crucial principles of forest protection and conservation in the minds of our younger generation.

333 Beds in 33 Days

We are also honoured to be the official sponsor of the Happy Mattress Project. Together with Karma House and Yogi Lab, we host a 100% charity-based summit to provide the underprivileged kids in Bali the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a well-supported mattress for the best sleep ever!

It is unfortunate that many families can't afford beds for their children. Thousands of children in Bali are sleeping on hard floors, with their families struggling to pay for food; let alone a comfortable bed. Children who get little sleep are more likely to have behavioural problems and difficulty rising up to their full potential. This campaign is all about ensuring that the underprivileged kids of Bali are nurtured with the love and care they deserve! All proceeds go toward helping the mission to get 333 Beds in 33 Days.

Rest with peace of mind. When you buy a bedding product from us, you are investing in a better life – not just for yourselves but also for others and the environment.