Why Buy From Us?

Meet organic latex, our secret to a heavenly night’s sleep.

At Heveya®, we believe in comfort meeting nature. Our organic mattresses harness the natural elasticity of latex for the perfect balance of softness and support. Coupled with our hypoallergenic latex pillows, you can rest on healthy, natural goodness.


We use only 100% certified natural organic latex in our mattresses and pillows, nothing else. From soil to rubber sap to end products, we have every step in production strictly controlled. That means no pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals, VOCs or other chemicals that put your health in harm’s way. 

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Natural latex comes recommended by professionals as the best mattress for support. The intrinsic elasticity of our mattress core gently acknowledge and accommodate the body’s natural contours. Your hips, back and neck can all enjoy just the right firmness. Paired with the perfect cushion for your head and neck, our complete sleep system provides top-to-toe support, keeping your spine happy and naturally aligned in any sleeping position.


Every Heveya® mattress and pillow is clothed in a luxurious and removable cover, easily unzipped all around and dry-cleaned. The latex cores inside are naturally resistant to dustmites and mould. The ease of keeping the entire bed free of allergens makes this the perfect sleep system for allergy sufferers.

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We make a mattress for any space and every sleeper. Our nine distinct feels across three models cater to all extremes of preference, with pinpoint individual control via the adjustable bed base. Different firmness levels can be combined in one King mattress so both you and your partner sleep in comfort. In any size and firmness, we can make the mattress you want to sleep on.


Our products are made to last - we use only premium, durable materials. Our products are also certified for ergonomics and health. You can rest easy knowing that everything we make is rigorously tested and free from harmful chemicals.

Going natural also means going sustainable. Our organic latex production process leaves a net zero carbon footprint on the environment. Your choice supports responsible, sustainable business practices for a better environment.

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The journey to that heavenly rest begins with shopping for a great mattress. We want to make that experience pain-free, personalised, and thoroughly enjoyable. Have all the space and time you need in the privacy of our sleep studio. Ask us anything, and lie down for as long as you like!

We take great pride in providing excellent service. And because service doesn’t stop once you make your purchase, we offer a 100-night trial on our mattresses and bed bases. We’re confident that our sleep system will transform your night for the better.

If you have any inquiries, simply WhatsApp us , and we'll be happy to assist you with all your bedding questions or visit our sleep studio in Canggu, Bali and try out our mattresses. Our sleep consultants will be there to provide expert advice on the best sleep system tailored specifically for you.

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