Need a Quick Nap Fix? Recharge with Heveya® for 30 minutes!

Ever dreamt of napping on a cloud? Now you can!
Experience the rejuvenating comfort of our Heveya® mattress.


Step into the Heveya® Experience Room for a cozy escape like no other. With comfy beds, tranquil vibes, and our top-notch products, it's the perfect place to recharge. Whether you need a quick nap or a peaceful moment of relaxation, we're here to make it happen!

It's all about feeling good, taking time for yourself, and letting stress fade away. So come on in, unwind, and let Heveya® wrap you in care and luxury, one blissful moment at a time.



Discover your perfect sleep haven.

Experience the best of Heveya® with our King size natural organic latex mattress, Heveya® III, featuring dual-firmness: half medium and half firm. If you're sharing this nap with a loved one, it's the perfect opportunity to discover which firmness suits you both best.

We've created a super cozy atmosphere just for you. Snuggle up with our soft-cooling bedding, enhanced with a bamboo eye mask for extra relaxation. Enjoy the support of our organic latex pillows and choose between a Linen Quilt or Bamboo Lyocell Duvet to keep you warm. To top it all off, breathe in the soothing scent of our Heveya® Sleep Blend essential oil, making your stay even more blissful.


Our nap sessions are available throughout the week:

  • Monday to Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM

No purchase required to try this sleeping experience with Heveya®. All you need to do is book an appointment with us to reserve your sleeping pod & nap away!