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Available in European Flax Linen and Bamboo Lyocell, these sheets are excellent environmentally friendly choices. Both come from sustainable resources, requiring little water and no artificial aid to grow.

Our sheets comply to FSC and WRAP certifications. By choosing Heveya® Sheets, we assure you have made the right sustainable choice for your sleep comfort.


Bamboo sheets have a silky-soft texture that gives off a luxury hotel vibe, while linen sheets have a beautiful textured look for a relaxed and cosy feel. Whichever you choose, these sheets are gorgeous to look at and comfy to sleep in.

Luxurious Comfort

Bamboo and linen bedsheets feel incredibly luxurious to touch.
These cozy sheets will surely deliver an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Hygienic & Breathable

Both bamboo and linen are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The all-natural materials wick away moisture and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Easy Maintenance

These bedsheets are easy to maintain with a cold gentle cycle machine wash. Softener is not necessary as it will smoothen back to a cloud of softness once dried.