How To Care For Your Bamboo Sheets

We’re assuming what brings you here is your brand-new set of bamboo sheets or perhaps, you must have heard the hype around these luxuriously soft & silky sheets and are considering investing in a pair? Either way, we believe you’ve got great taste & bamboo sheets are well worth the hype!

If you have been thinking about taking a break from your regular cotton sheets, but worried that making the switch to bamboo sheets would require extra maintenance - fret not, we’ve got just the care tips for you:

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets

We recommend only washing your beloved bamboo sheets on a low spin at 30ºC max on a cool wash setting, with mild eco-friendly detergent - no softener needed!

  • Always wash your new bamboo sheets before first use! This is to ensure premium hygiene practice, and also that the fabric is initially softened to remove any creases from packaging.
  • Wash your bamboo sheets by itself to ensure no hooks or zippers from other items cause any damage to the sheets.
  • Avoid piling by refraining from washing your sheets alongside other fabrics with rougher textures such as your towels and throws.
  • Sort your sheets by colour! As you would with your regular laundry, make sure to wash your lighter sheets and darker sheets separately. Darker dyes could ruin your lighter sheets, especially your precious white ones!
  • Choose a mild liquid detergent containing no harsh chemicals, to maintain eco-friendly practices.
  • If powdered detergents are your go-to, it is best to dissolve them in cold water prior use, in order to avoid chafing.
  • No softener is required! It is best to avoid softeners as they may leave stains on your sheets. Bamboo lyocell sheets are inherently soft, and given that you care for them with these tips, they’ll remain soft for many washes to come!

You may be asking yourself, “Should I hand wash bamboo sheets?”.

We do understand the preference to hand wash bedding as a way to preserve its quality for longer. If you’ve got time on your side, that is definitely one way to go!

However, machine washing your bamboo sheets on a low spin setting is a perfectly convenient and efficient way to achieve the same results - so you can have them dry and ready to dress in no time!

How To Best Dry Bamboo Sheets

There’s one thing to look forward to when it comes to nightfall: and that is your bamboo sheets being cleaned, crisp, and dry to make your bed! Learn how to maximise the softest slumber by following these drying methods below:

Line drying, or machine drying? Both options are suitable, however, one method is better than the other!

  • Line Drying
  • To preserve the delicate nature of your cooling bamboo sheets, line drying will always be the recommended way of drying the fabric - given that you have optimal conditions and space in your home to do so, that is! The air dries the fabric without applying extra heat - this protects the fibre, and also retains its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties for longer.

  • Machine Drying
  • We do understand that not every environment will have satisfying conditions for line drying - and that is completely okay! Machine dry your bamboo sheets on the lowest heat and tumble setting possible, and retrieve them once done as soon as the cycle ends. This will ensure your bamboo sheets are not incurring any extra heat or wrinkles once dry - yet is still crisp and warm for snuggles!


    Worried About Wrinkles?

    Bamboo sheet wrinkles naturally smooth themselves out the moment you have made your bed. If you do prefer a more immediate fix for a beautiful aesthetic shine - you may iron the sheets on the lowest heat setting available.


    How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Bamboo Sheets

    We are certain that you have experienced the disheartening reality of encountering a stubborn stain on your favourite set of bed sheets at least once! Whether this stain comes from bodily fluids or accidental spills - it doesn’t always have to prove challenging to remove.

    • NEVER BLEACH YOUR BAMBOO SHEETS! Given that bleach is a very harsh, synthetic chemical, it has great potential to ruin delicate, natural bamboo fibres. As an alternative, ensure that mild, eco-friendly products are used to remove stains and brighten instead.

    • Whiten and brighten with white vinegar and baking soda. When faced with a stubborn stain that refuses to diminish with the normal care tips. You may want to keep natural cleaning solutions like white vinegar and baking soda in-handy!
    • Tough stains that just won’t go? Apply a mild eco-friendly detergent directly onto troubled areas, and rub gently. Let it soak for an hour in a basin of cool water. If stains still persist, mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to apply directly on the stain and rub gently. Then, proceed to soak it for another hour in a cool water basin. This step may need to be repeated up to two more times. Run them in a final wash - your bamboo sheets will be sparkling, stain-free, and bright as ever!


    Storage Solutions For Heavenly-Scented Bamboo Sheets

    There will come a time when you will have to put a temporary pause to this snuggly love affair. Whether that be due to safe keeping purposes, having a rotation of more than one set of sheets, or simply being away. Your future self will thank you for keeping your precious bamboo sheet set dry and fresh smelling!

    When not in use, store your clean bamboo sheet set in a breathable, dry, and dimly lit place.

    • We are the most comfortable in breathable spaces - and so are our bamboo sheets! Our range of Heveya® Bamboo Lyocell Sheets come encased in a breathable bamboo lyocell bag. Convenient for re-packing fitted, flat, and duvet sheets; it guarantees they have a chance to breathe and be easily stored and tucked away nicely afterwards in a cool and dry place.
    • If a bamboo sheet bag isn’t an option for you, we recommend sourcing a fabric-friendly container to store your sheets in - such as a white fabric bag (ensuring it is eco-friendly too, of course!).
    • Stay away from plastic containers & cardboard boxes! Plastic is an expert in trapping moisture, consequently, this leads to yellowing of bright sheets as well as mildew. Another type of container to be wary of are cardboard boxes, as they are a culprit for transferring unwanted acids to pure fabric!


    Time To Replace Your Aged Bamboo Sheets?

    As much as we wish our luxe bamboo sheets would last a lifetime by caring for them so well, like most things - it will go through normal wear and tear! Before it’s time to part ways, here are a few ideas to keep in mind on how to best bid farewell to your sheets.


    Donate, recycle, or simply dispose of them!

    • If your preloved bamboo sheets are still in a good and hygienic condition to use - donate them at your local donation centre to share the joy.
    • If they prove to be too worn out - recycle your sheets so your community can repurpose and find another life for the material. If you happen to reside in Singapore, visit the Heveya® showroom to drop off your preloved bamboo sheets in our recycling box, located at Canggu Showroom Bali.
    • Last but not least, if you still prefer discarding your bamboo sheets; simply dispose of them in your normal bin, and let the naturally biodegradable properties of the sheets put your mind at ease! Bamboo fibre is known to naturally decompose in just 2-4 months at the landfill.


    Luxurious silky soft sheets for countless beauty sleeps to come!

    Once one experiences the benefits of bamboo lyocell sheets such as its hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties, it is almost impossible to go back! When cared for properly by following these simple steps, you invest in the longevity of your premium and eco-friendly bamboo sheets for many nights of blissful sleep!

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