Start “Flaxing” Your Sheets

When it comes to sheets, look no further as our Heveya® Linen Sheets are one of the best sellers in the market. Adored for its beautiful texture and natural look , they’re a great addition to your cosy bedroom.

At Heveya®, we are focused on providing all natural and organic bedding products. Starting with our famous Heveya® mattresses, we have now expanded to Heveya® linen sheets simply because of its breathability which allows you to stay cool and comfortable no matter the weather. This perfectly matches the qualities of our mattresses, making them a formidable duo to have in your bedroom.

Why choose Flax Linen?

Over time, many of us use the term “linen” to generalise bed sheets as a whole. However, the actual meaning of “linen” refers to one particular type of sheet formed by the fibres of a flax plant. When it comes to overall comfort, durability and aesthetics, flax linen is in the forefront of sheets. Let us share with you how these beautifully textured sheets can give you comfortable sleep!

Heat regulating

Most sheets in the market are breathable. However, the breathability of a sheet depends on the way the sheet was woven. Tightly woven sheets prevent proper ventilation which causes the sheet to be less breathable. As for flax linen, the material has a molecular structure which doesn’t require them to be tightly woven together. Linen sheets also can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp. Water (sweat) is absorbed and wicked away from the skin and evaporates quickly, leaving you feeling cool and dry throughout the night.


Linen is also considered a good material for sensitive skin. Due to its breathability, it allows good airflow and is less likely to cling onto the skin. Also, due to its lower thread count and looser weaves, dust and other particles will not be trapped within the material, making flax linen a great choice for those sensitive with allergens.

Easy to care for

It’s a fact that linen fabric requires little maintenance. As it's made of a hardy fibre, you can simply toss it into the washing machine. It will soften with every wash but retains its overall structural integrity.

We would recommend tumble drying the sheets on the lowest temperature. Remove them while they are slightly damp and allow the remaining water to evaporate naturally. Ironing is unnecessary as the creases and natural drape add to its appeal!


For Heveya®, working with sustainable materials is important to us. Our linen sheets come from European Flax plantations that are naturally organic because no insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers were used to grow them. Furthermore, these plants need very little irrigation when grown and are minimally processed. Compared to other materials, linen requires less water to create linen products. To put this in perspective, making a linen shirt will only require one quarter of the water to be used for making a cotton shirt.

Flax is a sustainable and environmentally friendly plant source. All parts of the plant are useful and can be fully utilised from fibres to flax seeds, leaving no waste behind. Last but not least, flax linen sheets as the end product are made from 100% natural fibers and are biodegradable. There is no better way to help our planet heal while having a comfortable night's rest.

How flax linen sheets are made

Once flax plants grow, they are then pulled from the ground; this is to ensure that the longest fibres of the flax plant are obtained. After being harvested, the retting process begins. This stage involves the breaking down of the natural adhesives within the plant to separate the fibres. After this, scutching, the separation of long fibres from short fibres and from leftover seeds, is done. Typically short fibres are used to make monetary notes, while the long fibres are used to make textile goods. This ensures that none of the fibres go to waste and the entire plant is fully utilised. Following the scutching process, the fibres are then combed for any impurities, then they are spun in heated water around 60°C. This is to allow the fibres to turn into threads. After this, it is woven to form a sheet and ready to be fitted across your bed for a comfortable night's sleep!

Sealing the deal

Flax linen is great value for money! As one of the strongest natural plant fibres in the world, linen sheets can last for many years. So don't worry if you like to toss and turn throughout the night or wash your bed sheets often.

Due to its unique properties, flax linen sheets get softer and more comfortable with each wash as well. You may have heard the term “Stonewashed Linen”. As the name suggests, it refers to linen which undergoes washing through abrasive means to achieve a softer texture. For longevity reasons, Heveya® Flax Linen Sheets didn’t go through this process and therefore, the sheets still retain their natural crispness and you’ll get to enjoy these sheets for many years to come!

Flax linen sheets are a must have!

Made from 100% ethically sourced and certified organically grown flax, Heveya® Linen Sheets are luxurious, breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and temperature regulating. Certified with Oekotex Class-1, our sheets are free from chemicals and even safe for babies. Check out our linen sheets sets here. They come with everything you need to make your bed look inviting and give you your well-deserved rest.

Don’t worry if linen is not your cup of tea, we also carry silky-soft bamboo lyocell sheets which are also cooling and breathable, perfect for Singapore's warm weather.

When it comes to a good night's sleep, comfort and support are important, which can't be achieved with bedsheets alone. Having a good mattress is the most important ingredient! Head down to our showroom to see how our Heveya® organic latex mattresses pair with our bedsheets to achieve the cosiness you need.

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