Heveya® Teak Bed Frames & Accessories

Handcrafted with attention to detail for a timeless and natural design in mind; our Teak collection elevates any bedroom by bringing nature indoors! The Teak bed frame provides the highest quality of durability and resilience, allowing it to last for years to come while aging gracefully. Teak accessories available for an added modern touch and functionality.

  • Slatted Air flow
  • Termite Resistant
  • Durable & Long Lasting
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Heveya® Teak Bed Frame

Heveya Bali

fromRp 42.500.000

Heveya® Teak Bed Frame With Side Tables

Heveya Bali

fromRp 52.500.000

Heveya® Teak Bedside Table

Heveya Bali

Rp 11.500.000

Heveya® Teak Bench

Heveya Bali

Rp 12.500.000

Naturally Durable

Heveya® Teak Bed Frames are made of Grade-A Teakwood which is well-known for its highest quality of durability and resilience. The wood was kiln-dried to remove excess moisture; making it excellent for humid as well as cold climates, making your Heveya® Bed Frame lasts for years to come while aging gracefully. Due to it's natural oil, teakwood is inherently durable, weather-resistant, termite-resistant, and naturally polished. This makes the Heveya® Teak Bed Frame long-lasting and low-maintenance.

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