Home Design Talk


Join us on March 8th to celebrate Heveya®️ World Sleep Month together!


From Kalpataru and Blancostudio to Clelia, Eva Natasa, and Aora Design – meet and engage with the brilliant minds behind our stunning showroom designs and learn about the art of subtle yet impactful interior design.

Secure your spot today for an evening of sophistication and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the creative process behind sustainable and luxurious home design. Don’t miss out!

Kalpa Taru

Avalon Carpenter, artist-woodworker, founder of Kalpa Taru Designs, crafted our woodwork, including the stunning staircase. Renowned for blending heritage craftsmanship with contemporary design in furniture and furnishings.

Utilizing Grade A Javanese teak, Kalpa Taru creations are distinguished by simplistic design, moody shadows, and innovative use of offcuts. 



Blancostudio, founded in 2020 by Balinese architect and designer Conchita Blanco, designing the whole concept of our store, merges artistic heritage with modern design.

Conchita’s work reflects a commitment to sustainability and a deep appreciation for Indonesian craftsmanship.


Niskala Indigo

Clelia, an artist known for her natural curiosity and lifelong passion for crafts and art, has carved a distinctive path through her explorations in Asia. Founder of Niskala Indigo, Clelia handcrafted the veils around the store with all-natural Ramie Fiber drapes. 

Clelia’s work is deeply rooted in her fascination with textiles and materials, extending to the use of natural dyes, ceramics, and an array of noble materials. Her commitment to sustainable artistry is evident in her collaborations with communities across Indonesia.


Eva Natasa®

Founded in Ubud by designer Eva Natasa in 2013, is a testament to mindful, sustainable furniture design. Proudly Indonesian, Eva’s work, including the design of our showroom chairs, highlights her dedication to quality and sustainability, making each piece a personal reflection of her vision for mindful living through design.


AORA Space

AORA Design stands at the forefront of environmental innovation, transforming recycled plastic waste from oceans, rivers, and landscapes into textiles and elegant furniture.

Through innovative design and craftsmanship, AORA is dedicated to advancing a circular economy, starting with the collection and transformation of plastic waste into pellets and then into recycled yarn for fabric and furniture.