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Bella Koh

"Even without sheets, these European Bedding mattresses are extremely inviting and comfortable. Made from 100% #organic latex, a sustainable and natural material that is not only gentle to us, humans, but also, much kinder on our planets.
If you ever have the chance to lie down on one of these mattresses, you’ll find the muscles in your entire body, instantly relaxed. Not just that, the bamboo covers that contain the pure latex mattresses are static-free, gentle to our #sensitive skin and doesn’t feel warm at all. It is cooling and makes for deep, quality sleep."

Monica Lie

"I was getting consistent backaches from our 6-year-old spring mattress to the point I thought I had permanently damaged my back. But, once we switched to our 100% Organic Latex mattress from European Bedding, the problems all went away!
Now I have a new problem in which I sleep too much, ha! One year later and it has been a dream to rest our weary bodies at the end of every day."

Rohan Singh

"We were very impressed by the quality of the 100% organic latex mattress made Heveya. We did a bit of research and decided to order a custom latex mattress with pillows for our North American king size bed.
We have had a significant improvement in our sleep cycle since we've been using the latex mattress which also breathes much better than traditional mattresses. I have some hip pain that has also gradually reduced at night due to the excellent support provided by our Heveya mattress. We highly recommend Heveya!"

Grace & Arthur

"I contacted the general manager, Thijs, and he was so informative before we even visited the store. He was never pushy and even encouraged us to try out another brand we had in mind. We purchased a California King-size firm-density Heveya natural organic mattress, which is 213cm in length. This was the key factor in our purchase, as it had to be the right fit for Arthur. From the first time we stepped into the boutique store, we had good vibes about it.
The team know the products well, and they offer a 100-day trial, which really sealed the deal for us. Buying a mattress is really a matter of sleeping on it for a longer period to truly know if it suits each individual."

"Best nights sleep in a long time. Both my husband and I love the new mattress. It is both cool and comfortable. It really ticks all the boxes being hypoallergenic and with a removable and washable cover too!"

Gemma Vincent

"2 weeks into sleeping on the Heveya mattress and pillows and I can safely say that it’s worth every single cent of the product. I used to snore quite frequently in the past but since switching over to Heveya, the snoring has stopped and I’ve felt a lot more rested in the mornings."

Jason Chong

"The mattress, pillows and bolsters are awesome! You spend 1/3 of your life on your bed. Might as well get an awesome one and it’s made with all organic material as well! 5 stars well deserved!"

Marvin Khoo