• How to Get a Better Sleep
  • How to Get a Better Sleep

How to Get a Better Sleep

How to Get a Better Sleep


Embark on a restful journey with us on April 25th at 6 PM during our concise, 1 to 1.5-hour “How to Get a Better Sleep” event. We’ll start with Tanya Fitzpatrick, who will lead you through relaxing somatic exercises to prepare your body for sleep. Following Tanya, Alexander will take over with his Conscious Connected Breathing session, aimed at clearing emotional tension and sharpening your mental focus for a peaceful night’s rest. This streamlined approach allows you to experience a comprehensive range of sleep-enhancing techniques in just one sitting. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your sleep routine in under an hour and a half.

"Please note that this event has limited availability, with only space for 15 attendees. Secure your spot now!".

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25 Apr at 6 pm
  • 25 Apr at 6 pm

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

We’re delighted to feature Tanya Fitzpatrick at our “How to Get a Better Sleep” event, a movement coach whose work in Somatic Movement stems from her own transformative journey through physical tension and emotional stress. Tanya’s approach is deeply personal, rooted in the discovery that our bodies hold and manifest stress in ways that can be consciously addressed and alleviated through somatic practices.

Tanya specializes in teaching you to recognize and release patterns of tension that disrupt natural movement and well-being. Through her guided exercises, she helps unravel the tightness in the body caused by years of stress or poor posture, aiming to restore a sense of balance and ease. Her work is a testament to the power of movement as a tool for healing, offering a pathway out of discomfort into a state of relaxed, pain-free living.

About Alexander Goetz

Alexander is a certified Yoga teacher, Meditation facilitator, Bodyworker and Breathwork coach. After he practiced different Breathing techniques over the last years, he specialised in Conscious Connected Breathing, focused on emotional release to obtain more balance and clarity. Coming from a corporate background, Alex was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Conscious Connected Breathing helped him to reconnect with his body and mind, which enabled him to let go of behaviour patterns that were no longer serving him. Now he shares this powerful practice with everyone who wants to get back in touch with their true self.


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How to Get a Better Sleep
25 Apr at 6 pm
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